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Say titanium frames, say Lynskey. Over many decades this unique family company from Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA) has built top notch titanium frames. Father Lynskey processed titanium for the aerospace, military and chemical industries. In the late eighties his son David, driven by his desire to meet its own quality requirements for a bicycle, made his first titanium bike frame. His achievements did not stay unnoticed for long and, with the help of his family members, soon evolved to the Litespeed company and brand. The handmade titanium frames unleashed a revolution for serious cyclists. Litespeeds have been widely acclaimed, tested and ridden by well known cyclists at international and Olympic levels.

In 1999 verkocht de familie Litespeed, maar het titanium fietsvirus bleef. Met Lynskey Performance wilden ze niet alleen titanium frames, maar  ‘custom, high performance, kick-ass, knockout bikes’ bouwen. Fietsen die een lach op je gezicht toveren. De vaklui in de werkplaats –velen al tientallen jaren in dienst bij de familie – maken ieder frame met oog voor een perfecte vorm, diameter, gewicht, rigiditeit en gebruiksgemak.

Lynskey and Gerrit are a perfect match. You find the traditional family values of this company in the beautifully finished frames, the outstanding quality and thoughtful design. Values that seamlessly match Gerrit’s values. And Lynskey’s road and mountain bikes complement Gerrit’s own trekking models. Gerrit is the reseller of Lynskey frames and bikes in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Denmark.



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