Titanium & craftmanship

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Gerrit Jansen

Indestructible & maintenance free


Chemical element titanium, also known as Ti 22, is named after the powerful Titans from Greek mythology. Titanium is commonly used – because of its extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, fatgue and corrosion resistance and ability to withstand moderately high temperatures – in aerospace, armor plating, naval ships and space craft. Applications in which only the best material is good enough. Just like our bikes. 

Our frames are made with Grade 5 (Ti 6Al/4V) or Grade 9 (Ti 3Al/2,5V) titanium. Titanium alloys with aluminium (Al) en vanadium (V) to enhance titanium’s characteritics and to allow further processing. Titanium frames are stronger than steel and much lighter than aluminium.

Titanium has an extremely high resistance to corrosion. That makes for less maintenance and weight: use of coatings or other protective materials on the frame is unnecessary. Titanium makes Gerrit bikes more durable and lighter than comparable bikes with aluminium or steel frames. And riding comfort? Titanium dampens vibrations, allowing a more comfortable and less tiring ride. And did we mention the unique look of a professionally finished titanium frame yet…?




Gerrit Jansen


Maintenance low & high performance


Gerrit bikes are low-maintenance. The high performance Rohloff speedhub is one of the most important elements in achieving this. The hub has 14 gears with perfect single gear ratios. The sealed gearbox ensures reliability and durability even under the toughest conditions. Maintenance is limited to changing oil, which can be done in the blink of an eye. The Rohloff hub is mounted in the rear and is easy to remove. Its symmetrical design allows for symmetrical spoking, which minimizes spoke breakage to practically zero. The even increments of between gears make it possible to ride continuously at peak performance. There is no wear on the indexing system nor need to adjust it. The hub also makes sure there is less wear on the chain, belt and chainwheels..





Gerrit Jansen




Durable & reliable


Gerrit bikes use a Gates carbon belt system. A maintenance friendly belt system, stronger and more silent than traditional chains. The ribbed carbon belts have proved their reliability and strength under heavy loads and speeds in the automobile industries.

Gates belts need no lubrication and last longer than traditional belts as they have less wear. The Gates belt emphasizes our commitment to maintenance low cycling. Do you still prefer a chain? No problem, Gerrit bikes are suitable for both chain and belt systems.





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Magura brakes




Carefree cycling…


With a full load of luggage you need safe, reliable and well dosed braking force. That is why Gerrit bikes come with Magura brakes. Magura brakes are hydraulic and need little maintenance. Unlike traditional brake hoses’ initial stretching and adjustment issues, the hydraulic Magura brakes are well adjusted straight from the beginning and need no further adjustment and maintenance.

The brake hoses are made of impact resistant material and are extremely reliable. Brake pads with wear and tear can be easily replaced. The Magura brakes are an important part of Gerrit’s low maintenance bike concept.



SON dynamo & light



Precision & quality


The lights and dynamos of the German brand SON meet exceptional demands: rain or shine reliabilty and efficiency guaranteed. The high-end products are expertly manufactured by the small German firm Wilfried Schmidt Maschinenbau. At bicycle speeds of 15 km per hour the return is already 65%, which is high compared to other hub dynamos. SON’s LED bicycle lights is precision work. Beautiful design, high light output and perfectly suited to use with the SON hub dynamo. The LED lights will last a lifetime at an average use in daylight.

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